FLARE Information

“Calling And Equipping People

To Live On Mission"

Leadership Assembly for Renewal and Empowerment

Connecting good works, good will and Good News

Keynote Speaker:
Bishop Mark E. Brennan

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2017, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
St. Philip Neri Church Gymnasium
6405 S. Orchard Road, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

What is FLARE?

Faith & Leadership Assembly for Renewal and Empowerment (FLARE) is a one-day spiritual formation activity for all members and leaders of the various Filipino religious and civic organizations in the Archdiocesan Filipino Council (AFC).  This is the initial offering in what is planned to be a three-year formation program for the participating organizations.

What is the Goal of FLARE?

The goal of the assembly is to provide an opportunity for participants from various Filipino organizations to reflect more deeply on our faith as Filipino Catholics in the United States, and become more effective Catholic Christian Leaders in our respective organizations and respective parishes. This will hopefully lead to spiritual renewal, greater empowerment in our various ministries, and active participation in the Church life of the Archdiocese of Baltimore..

What is the Theme of FLARE?

This year's theme is: “Rejoice! Come follow Me! Enriching Filipino Faith and Leadership in the Frontiers.” As Filipino Catholics in the United States, we find ourselves in the frontiers of cultural, religious and generational diversity. Integrating our Filipino Catholic heritage in the face of such frontiers is daunting. Yet, we heed the call of our Lord to follow in His footsteps and take heart, trusting in Him to fill us with the joy of proclaiming His Gospel.  Enriching faith and leadership therefore means grounding ourselves in the joyful experience of the Lord’s presence and wisdom as we follow His call within our unique identity as Filipinos and Catholics.

What are the Program Objectives of FLARE?

At the end of the Assembly, the participants would have:

  1. reached a common, deep, and enriched Filipino and Catholic reflection and understanding of the following major areas of lay ministry in the United State particularly in Maryland:
    1. Faith as Pagbukas - loob sa Kagandahang - loob ng Diyos (Response to God's Love) with its three dimensions as Paniniwala (Believing), Pagtitiwala (Trusting), and Pagsunod (Obeying) and its unique Filipino quality as Masayahin (Cheerful).
    2. Leadership as Panawagan (Vocation), Pagpapadala (Mission), and Pagmamahal (Passion).
  2. expressed their renewed commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and to His Body, the Holy Roman Catholic Church by becoming active members of the Archdiocese of Baltimore as registered members of a parish church.
  3. expressed their renewed commitment to promote Bayanihan (Unity) and Damayan (Mutual Support and Cooperation) among the Filipino - American lay organizations in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
  4. strengthened their knowledge to be an effective communicator in a modern world.