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The Archdiocesan Filipino Council of the  - Archdiocese of Baltimore 

Federation of Religious-Civic-Cultural-Organizations / Regional-Professional Groups / Associations and Parish-Based Workers / Volunteers

Pete Literal

(Let us join Fr. Pete Literal (The Chaplain of AFC-AOB) in his daily prayer and reflections on the Bible readings of the day ...

TODAY’S PRAYER – December 15, 2017

Abba, Father in heaven, Holy and Faithful God, we praise You and adore Your, for You teach us what is for our good and lead us on the way we should go. Your word today in the gospel teach us a lesson about our human heart. We see ourselves in this gospel today. We do not at times make decisions based on logic; sometimes we do something in particular, but we are unhappy when we get them, when they do not match our expectations. Father, be patient with us especially when we blame others for the discrepancy that we created. Rather realizing that our own understanding could be the problem. We have so much childish behaviors. We thank You for not putting up with our childishness, the same behavior of those in the gospel who refuse to see the truth of who John the Baptist is or who Jesus is.

Father, do not be frustrated with us. Help us to prevent our sinful nature get the upper hand in our situations. With your grace, we can be childlike, with open hearts and minds, and faithful trusting hearts. You are our Lord, who teaches what is good for us and leads us on the way we should go. If we hearken to Your commands, our prosperity will be like a river. If we would just settle down our own expectations of the world around us, and relax our incessant need to control our lives, we will hear Your word a bit more clearly. With You, we will find ourselves with more joy that we thought possible. And on this Advent season, we will find our longing for Christ deepening in our lives. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Pray the daily Sacred Scripture and be transformed in spirit and truth: http://usccb.org/bible/readings/121517.cfm

Come and Prepare for Christmas as a family of God.
Simbang Gabi 2017  


“Filipino Community's Response to Pope Francis' Call to Missionary Discipleship“

We become bold missionary disciples when:

  1. We accept Filipino families are called, blessed and sent.
  2. We create opportunities for Encounter with God.
  3. We form intentional disciples.
  4. We enrich partnership in mission and ensure Christ's mission in partnership.
  5. We strengthen Spiritual Anchors of Filipino Ministry.
  6. We help each one succeeds.
  7. We become portals of sanctification and evangelization.
  8. We touch Jesus in the faces of the poor and the needy.
  9. We create visible Filipino presence in local churches.
  10. We create a missional  engagement culture in our young people.
  11. We connect good will, good works, and Good News.
  12. We build spirit of servanthood in leadership.
  13. We build collaborative teams and supportive environment.